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Dinner & Bed

To be honest, we’re not really firm believers in planning a career. We actually have a dose of healthy naiveté. It is this specific naiveté that has brought us to where we are today. This is also how our restaurant came into being: it started small and grew spontaneously, of its own accord you might say.
Yes, spontaneous is the word: nothing had been researched in advance, no preliminary studies were carried out, it just happened. The same goes for La Suite: one thing just simply led to another. We got on this train at one point and now it’s taking us to certain places: places that are new to us, although we must say, we do find them all rather appealing. Something in which we firmly believe 200% happens to us every time the train stops. This makes us extremely demanding and makes us want to leave our mark at each new station.

We have been most successful at this with La Suite and we are proud of what we can show you. This type of environment also makes it easier for us to be ourselves, which is absolutely essential to be able to give you the best that there is to offer. We created a "Dinner & Bed" at La Suite. In other words: we have left nothing to chance, so that we are now able to present you with what we consider to be an unforgettable meal, a good night’s sleep and breakfast. Will our standards meet everybody else’s requirements? Of course not ... but that doesn’t worry us, because this is our home, and, as the saying goes: there’s no place like it!

Henk & Veronique